THE “FOSSIE” AWARD for Oil & Gas

O&G award articleWhen a friend of mine sent me this article, I thought it was clipped out of a spoof-like publication.

It has to be some kind of joke, right?


There really is an OIL & GAS AWARD and it has its own website called Oil & Gas Awards (OGA).

The founders and team of the award seem to be heavy on the marketing experience and light on actual oil & gas expertise.  The OGA website is registered out of London, UK.

OGA was launched in 2012 as an effort “to highlight the good that is coming our of the natural gas industry.”

Per OGA’s about page: “The Oil & Gas Industry can showcase its efforts to improve in areas of public interest through the Oil & Gas Awards. The upstream and midstream sectors do not have the direct to consumer reach of the downstream companies. We therefore decided to focus the awards on publicizing the great gains being made by upstream and midstream companies in the key areas of corporate social responsibility, the environment and health and safety.”fossi award

2012 events took place in the Northeast, Gulf Coast and Rock Mountain areas of the United States.   The event schedule for 2013 includes Canada, and in the US the Southwest, Midcontinent and West Coast, with others coming soon in Argentina and Brazil.

The Oil & Gas award doesn’t seem to have a nickname like the Academy Award is also known as the Oscars.   Since Oil and Gas is a fossil fuel, I suggest it be known as the FOSSIES!


There are different levels of sponsorship, presumably the more a corporation pays the higher it’s ranking.   The partner levels are Diamond, Gold and Silver.

I would think since this award is about fossil fuels, the partner levels would have been named Oil, Gas, and Coal….but that’s just me.


On OGA’s sponsorship page, the partner level also includes a Platinum Level, (right below diamond), but comparing it to the Partner page, no one seemed to have opted for Platinum.  None the less, for the right price, Platinum ranking is available.

Each of the levels offers a different set of benefits, for instance, with the Diamond Partnership you get 2 VIP tables seating 10 at each, where the others you only get one 10-seat VIP table.

The lowest level is a “TABLE SPONSORSHIP” which cost $4000 (Full Table for 10), and  $2500 (Half Table for 5).

Sponsors are permitted to brand their own category name, and chose a specific award to present.  Isn’t that special?

fossi award ceremonyJUDGES

As you expect, the Judges are CEOs, Presidents, etc of Oil & Gas corporations, including Anadarko, Consol, Marathon, and Millennium Pipeline.

And OHHHH LOOKIE – Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas is a judge too.

You may remember me mentioning him in Debunking the Truth About Mythical Fracking Talking Points or have seen it my MESSENGERS video.


Dates for the 2013 Fossies are

  • Southwest (Dallas – Fort Worth): Tuesday October 22, 2013
  • West Coast (Bakersfield): Thursday October 24, 2013
  • Midcontinent (Oklahoma City): Tuesday October 29, 2013


And, oh yeah, there’s even an AWARD YEARBOOK, which is mailed out in hard copy and digital form.

“This is mailed out in hard copy to over 6000 of our contacts in each region and to over 10,000 digitally. The year book is produced to the highest standards, ensuring that it can sit on coffee tables in office receptions throughout the industry all year round.”

krancer fossie

Hey look – there’s Former DEP Secretary Michael “get the gas done” Krancer at the podium.  Did he grow the beard and moustache just for the occasion?

We have got a world class play here, we’ve got world class players and we certainly have world class expectations, and I think they are being met in terms of environmental stewardship and responsibility right here in Pennsylvania.”   – Secretary Michael Krancer, Department of Environmental Protection for Pennsylvania, 2012 FOSSIE Awards.


Does the industry think the public is so stupid as to believe awards created for, by, and given to themselves is somehow going to create positive opinion?   Apparently so.

I can’t wait until the 2013 pat ourselves on the back, all fluff-no stuff FOSSIES are announced!

©2012 by Dory Hippauf

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