Following in the footsteps of its customers, i.e. the natural gas industry, Minuteman Environmental Services denies wrongdoing.

MES issued a statement today, and blamed it on former disgruntled employees.

MES stated there has been no wrong doing and cites the lack of disclosure from the Office of the Attorney General’s (OAG) office.

Yesterday, when OAG was asked about the investigation, a spokesperson did say OAG’s policy is not to comment about an on-going investigation.

MES claims the investigation is baseless and the company operates honestly.

WKOK has posted the statement from Minuteman:

For the past eighteen months the Office of the Attorney General has been speaking to former, disgruntled employees of Minuteman Environmental Services, Inc. When we became aware of this activity, we immediately offered, through our attorney, to provide the OAG with any information they wanted. When this offer was not immediately accepted, it was repeated. Both offers were ignored.

Since there has been no wrongdoing, it is not surprising that the OAG’s investigation has disclosed no credible evidence of improper conduct.

Yesterday the OAG conducted simultaneous searches of the home of Brian Bolus, Minuteman’s corporate Headquarters and our branch office in Middletown, PA. The searches were massive; they involved dozens of agents, some in military fatigues, and most carrying weapons.

Karen Bolus, wife of Brian Bolus was handcuffed and placed on the floor next to their eight year old child. At our offices, Minuteman employees were handcuffed ordered out of the building, and forced to sit on the lawn in the heat for at least an hour. A great deal of damage was done to our offices.

However baseless the investigation, however crude the tactics, our company continues to operate as we always have – honestly. We continue to serve our customers and care for our employees. We are deeply grateful for the many expressions of support which we have received from those with whom we do business.


Raise your hand if you believe MES.

Out of curiosity, just how many individual complaints from “disgruntled former employees” would it take to get OAG involved?  How many for the IRS and FBI to join in the raid?   Must be a lot, huh?

© 2013 by Dory Hippauf


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