green monsterThey call it the Green Monster. It’s big, it’s green, it shakes the ground, makes a noise as loud as a 747 jet engine and residents living near the PVR Chapin plant want something done about it.

Attorney Todd O’Malley filed a lawsuit against PVR Partners, L.P. and PVR Marcellus Gas Gathering, LLC on behalf of 20 families living near the PVR Chapin Glycol Dehydration Plant in Monroe Township, PA.

The plant, is on the border of Wyoming County and Luzerne County and is part of the Wyoming Pipeline which runs from northwestern Wyoming County to a metering station in Dallas PA.

Since coming on-line in late spring of 2012, the Chapin station has had two “unintentional releases”.

The first occurred in September 2012, and was blamed on a faulty sensor.  Residents were startled by a large roar, sounding like a jet plane landing in their backyards. A vapor plume was observed emanating from the Chapin Glycol Dehydration Plant and there was a distinct smell in the air.   Horses and cows, from a farm next the plant, panicked and broke through fences and suffered injuries.

The second incident, on  November 23, 2012, was blamed on a valve malfunction, more than 5 million cubic meters of gas spewed into the air before it was under control.

O’Malley said during the incidents residents’ homes actually shook, rattling screens and pictures on the walls. He called it an “egregious violation” of peoples’ ability to quietly enjoy their properties.

The Plaintiffs have lived with constant noise, vibrations, and shaking that rattles their homes and structures, and disturbs pets and livestock. The noise contributes to lack of sleep, loss of concentration and other physical, psychological and emotional distress. Additionally, the families live with constant smoke, fumes and noxious chemical discharges that emanate from the Chapin Station and breach their property lines.

The Complaint alleges damages and suffering stemming from the operation of the dehydration glycol station known as Chapin Station: deleterious health effects, loss of property value, loss of the use and enjoyment of homes and property, mental anguish and emotional distress. To date, a number of family members have experienced spontaneous nosebleeds, headaches and respiratory problems.

DEP cited PVR Marcellus Gas Gathering in March 2013 for failing to properly report the September incident. Colleen Connolly, DEP Spokesperson, said the company properly notified the DEP and was not cited for November incident.

PVR was fined $150,000 this month  for polluting high quality and exceptional value streams in Lycoming County, during construction of a pipeline in 2011.

Regardless of the natural gas industry talking points, and whatever statement PVR issues in response to the lawsuit, it is clear to the residents – the GREEN MONSTER is a threat to their health and once quiet neighborhood.

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©2013 by Dory Hippauf


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