REF says “HUGE FAIL” for fracknation

Fracknation failNot everything is as advertised, and last night’s Energy-In Depth’s (EID) heavy promoted “SHOWDOWN OF THE CENTURY” turned out not to even be a showdown of the minute.

McAleer’s fracknation was shown on the same night, same time in a venue next door to Josh Fox’s GASLAND II documentary.


GASLAND II: 950 people

Fracknation: 17 people (not a typo, it was really just 17 people)

The scores were similarly lopsided in previous “showdowns” and there is little indication it will be any different in future “showdowns”.

 Identified as just being from Williamsport, Nicole Jacobs of EID explained the low attendance to as “A lot of people already saw ‘FrackNation’ so they’re over at ‘Gasland’ tonight”.

Ummmm….isn’t this like letting all your players go play for the other team, and leaving just the water and towel boys to hold the ball?

The “REF’s” decision:  GASLAND II the WINNER, and HUGE FAIL for fracknation.

©2013 by Dory Hippauf


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