poop1In 2009 the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) created a public relations campaign called Energy In Depth (EID).

The original EID branched out into other web pages specific to geographic locations.   This included EID-Marcellus for Pennsylvania and New York, and the EID-OHIO for people in Ohio.   Other places with no websites include California, Texas, “MTN” states, Michigan and Illinois.

poop2This month IPPA unveiled a “new improved” version created a one-stop shopping for rehash of the gas industry’s talking points.  The new IPAA-EID site has more bells and whistles in an effort to improve the gas industry’s poor image. In other words, IPAA has put a pretty red bow on a pile of dog poop.

New features include a video series which Jeff Eschelman, IPPA’s VP of Public Relations, hopes people will find entertaining.

EID 1.0 was created partly in response to the release of the original GASLAND film, so it’s no coincidence that EID 3.0 launches at the same time of the release of GASLAND-II.

The gas industry is puzzled why it has a poor public image since its advertising maintains the industry does drill and industrialize communities in a “safe and responsible” manner by following its own minimal “best practices” standards.

Ummm, could the incidents of blowouts, explosions, leaks, contaminated drinking water, air pollution and refusal to take responsibility have anything to do with poor public perceptions?  What’s the industry to do to change public perception?  Throw more money at it and add a big red bow.


©2013 by Dory Hippauf


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