cabot warning signYes, we are revisiting water well contamination in Dimock!

This week, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has determined a natural gas well is not viable due to leaking methane.

Two properties have been effected. One is receiving water supplied by Cabot, and Cabot has installed a water filtration system in the second residence.

What was that about natural gas industrialization NOT contaminating water?

Regulators have been studying the source of methane in two water wells in the Susquehanna County community since February, when the water for one home became turbid and saturated with gas.

Regulators said the frozen vent helped them to identify the suspect gas well – Cabot’s Costello 1 – but they concluded that opening the vent is “not the answer to the problem.” Instead, during months of remediation on the well – one of the first vertical Marcellus wells drilled in the township – regulators determined that the well is “unviable” and will have to be plugged, DEP spokeswoman Colleen Connolly said.

“We know you can’t use this well,” she said.

DEP has not identified the precise source of the problem and has not determined whether the gas well is to blame for the methane in the two water supplies, Connolly said.


An unnamed spokesperson for Cabot calls this a ‘small and localized event’, and blames it on a methane vent line which froze during cold weather.

Expect the natural gas industry minions to point out only 2 homes out of how many gas wells have been effected and therefore the risk is minimal.


Only a couple?  Try hundreds if not thousands of complaints associated with drinking water and gas drilling.

fratracker mapYellow dots mark municipalities where DEP determined drilling-related activities affected water supplies.

Pink dots mark places where DEP did not observe a change in water conditions or did not link it to drilling.

Purple dots mark sites where DEP’s determination was unfinished or unclear at the time regulators reported results to the water supply owner.

NOTE: Dots are MUNICIPALITIES – not individual residences within those municipalities.

Go HERE and enlarge the map and click on a dot to review all the determinations for the selected municipality including copies of the enforcement orders or letters sent to property owners (with identifying information removed).

The map was developed by The Times-Tribune and The FracTracker Alliance, a non-profit organization that collects, shares and visualizes data related to the oil and gas industry.

And download a spreadsheet with links to all of the determination letters.


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  1. Yes, Cabot has been working with Halliburton with a repair rig on the Costello property since February; Pouring cement into the casing and trying to fix the leak and to no avail. This repair rig is still up on State Road 3023 in Dimock , Pa. and can be since and heard. This gas well is about 5 years old and this may be a sign of more failed casings in wells that age since their inception in 2008 !

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