fishyPennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has awarded a $2 million Grant to extend a public water line to residents whose groundwater has been contaminated.

Before you start smiling, and say I TOLD YOU SO to your favorite fracker – read the whole article HERE.

The contaminated ground water has nothing to do with gas drilling.


  • The $2 million grant is going to New Hanover Township in MONTGOMERY COUNTY.  Montgomery County is under a PA State Legislature enacted MORATORIUM on gas drilling.  There is NO gas drilling in Montgomery County – therefore the contamination is NOT from gas drilling.

YET – the $2 million grant is being funded by ACT 13 IMPACT FEES.

“This waterline project is being made possible through the cooperation, assistance and partnership of New Hanover Township, Superior Water Company, area legislators and the Department of Environmental Protection,” Corbett said.  “It will provide clean drinking water to a community where wells were polluted and will ensure the public’s safety.”

  • New Hanover Township is also in a high population area, and that means lots of people vote, and there is an election next year, and Corbett’s approval numbers are in the toilet.  At the moment a bag of doorknobs could beat Corbett in the general election.
  • new hanover townshipWater samples showed elevated levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, herbicides, oil and gasoline.   DEP had provided bottled water to the effected residents, and installed carbon filtration units in homes.
  • Meanwhile, DEP continues its investigation to determine a definitive source for the contamination.

SO DEP doesn’t know the origination of the contamination, yet they have provided water, filtration and are putting in a waterline.

Meanwhile, residents in towns like Dimock, Butler, Franklin Forks, Hickory,  Carmichaels, Charleston,  Clearville, Masontown, and Towanda to name a few  have contaminated water and Corbett does nothing.

DEP can not (or will not) definitely determine the source of their contamination is from gas drilling so no bottled water, no water filtration systems, no extending public water lines and no grants from IMPACT FEES for these residents.

hattip UPDATE JULY 28, 2013, 3:30pm est

HAT TIP to DEAN for this find!

READ: New Hanover Township | Public Hearing | December 4, 2012

©2013 by Dory Hippauf


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