sacrficeThe major natural gas industrialization areas in Pennsylvania are currently located in the northeastern and southwestern counties.  A number of residents in those areas refer to it as the sacrifice zone.

Senator Gene Yaw doesn’t think this is right.  Yaw doesn’t think just those counties should be sacrificed, it’s not fair.  The sacrifice should be shared, and Yaw is going to make sure it becomes a shared sacrifice for all of Pennsylvania.

The one-size-fits-all zoning provision in Act 13, which is still before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court doesn’t go far enough.   Forcing those with pre-Marcellus drilling leases to now frack is not enough.   Compulsory integration (also known as forced pooling) won’t solve the problem of too much gas and not enough profit.

The natural gas industry is suffering from bloated over-production.   All that gas and no where to sell it.   Their profits are down, and some on Wall Street are showing increased reluctance to invest for increasing the bloat.

Well, Senator Gene Yaw is going to fix all of that by calling on ALL Pennsylvanians to share the sacrifice.  He is introducing Senate Bill No. 738.

sb738If passed, and signed into law by Governor Tom Corbett, all of Pennsylvania will become one big sacrifice zone.


The natural gas industry can’t get by on subsidies and tax breaks alone.  Diversion of money from things like education, healthcare and road/bridge infrastructure to prop up the natural gas industry just won’t cut it anymore.

The Yaw Natural Gas Expansion bill will require municipalities all over Pennsylvania to submit plans to expand natural gas in their localities.   This means expanding the infrastructure with such things as compression stations and glycol dehydration plants and more.

Funding from this will come from “customer contribution”.   Customer Contribution won’t be cans on convenience store counters.  There won’t be natural gas telethons on local PBS stations, and no one will be robo-calling asking for a contribution.

Customer Contribution means all Pennsylvanians will be paying via taxes to ensure there’s a gas pipeline on every street, and a compressor station in every town.

Living in gasland will not be limited to a few counties.   We all will have the opportunity to experience the effects of breathing in toxic pollutants, learn what it is like to have sore throats, burning eyes, bloody noses and more.  Why should just a few areas have all the fun?


The public relations hype is gas is cheap.  Yes, right now it is cheap.  Too much supply and not enough demand will cause prices to drop.

Yaw Natural Gas Expansion bill hopes to increase demand by socializing the costs and privatizing the profits.  Once demand meets supply the domestic price will increase, the gas bills will go up, and up and up as will the profits.

Don’t forget once we’ve paid for the gas line in the street, the compressor stations, metering stations, glycol dehydration plants and other infrastructure, there are the additional costs of purchasing/installing gas service to a home.  These costs are the responsibility of the property owner.

For now you do have a choice of actually hooking up to gas.  Will enough people make that choice to satisfy the natural gas industry’s appetite for profits?  If not, Senator Gene Yaw, the industry’s best friend, will probably force everyone to get gassed.


©2013 by Dory Hippauf


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