gusherHere we go again.  The fossil fuel industry rushed to frack for gas, they rushed to frack for natural gas liquids, rushed to frack for oil and then the next big thing was exporting.

They glutted the market with gas, glutted the market with natural gas liquids, found the fracked oil resource was too “gassy” and are sitting around waiting anxiously to ship it all out of the country.

The public is increasingly not buying into the talking points.

What can the fossil fuel industry do to drill themselves out of the gas hole?  AHHHHH…change the branding message.  Put a big red bow on top and make it look pretty.

insight meets influenceThe Shale Insight 2013 gathering of the fossil fuel industry notables decided to drop the word “GAS” and hype the “wealth of new opportunities from shale oil”.

You remember oil, don’t you?  You remember being told we needed to break the “oil habit” and everyone needs to use natural gas, don’t you?  Remember all the advertisements and PR talking points about reducing CO2 by NOT using oil?

If this isn’t a WTF moment, I don’t know what is.


In the Wizard of Oz, Toto pulls away the curtain to reveal the Wizard.   At Shale Gas Insight, they’ve pulled their own curtain away and are proud to boast “Where Insight Meets Influence”

Time for anyone who believes there is NO corporate control or “influence” running the shale game to wake up.

One of the “influence” themes is to keep the federal regulations out of the fossil fuel industry and let the industry run helter-skelter across the country.   Aside from current regulations weakened to the point of being useless, reports being “edited”, loopholes created which are large enough to transport an erect drill rig through, and government officials are nestled comfortably in the industry’s pocket – what’s left to keep out?

The US consumers currently spend an average of $3-billion per year on BOTTLED WATER.  Why?  Because consumers – that’s me and you, the little people – do not trust the water coming out of our taps.  We watch what is happening in other countries with regards to water contamination and think it can’t happen here, but it is happening here.  It’s not just one lake, it’s not just one water well that’s contaminated, it’s 30, it’s 3,000, it’s 30,000 and more every day.

I strongly urge you to watch Last Call at the Oasis.  You can watch trailer clips on YOUTUBE.  The documentary is available via NETFLIX,  Amazon and as an ITunes download.

© 2013 by Dory Hippauf


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