Last month Marcellus Shale Drilling News (i.e. think Rush Limbaugh sans Cigar) broke the news with a screaming headline “Cabot to Teach Hazelton, PA 9th Graders How to Frack“.

On August 30, the Hazleton School Board delayed approval of the proposed course on Natural Gas Drilling until they learned more about it.   The proposed course was presented as being taught by volunteers from Junior Achievement and Cabot Oil & Gas would be paying for the materials.

A bit more drilling into the proposed course turned up a very heavily one-sided course curriculum. Read it for yourself – JA Careers in Energy – Guide for Volunteers and Teachers.

kick out the doorI learned tonight, the Hazleton School Board met last night (9/26/13), and said thanks by no thanks and voted down Cabot’s Fracking Class by a 6-1 vote.

Sources stated the board felt uncomfortable with a corporate designed and financed course.   They were especially uncomfortable with Session #7 which simulates a town meeting with carefully prepared profile cards and positions each “character” was to take.

KUDOS to HAZLETON SCHOOL BOARD for not being blinded by the shiney and putting the education of students first!

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9/30/2012 Correction: Vote count was erroneously reported as 6-1 against allowing the Natural Gas industry created and funded course.

The correct vote count is 7-1 against allowing the Natural gas industry created and funded course.

Voting against use of the booklet were directors Wallace, Hahn, Tony Bonomo, Clarence John, Robert Childs, Marfy Yanac and Carmella Yenkevich.

Mehalick voted in favor of using the booklet as long as moderators were included to balance the information.

Board President Brian Earley was absent from Thursday’s meeting.

9/30/2013 UPDATE:

“I appreciate the teachers’ efforts to level the playing field, but every one of the businesses that made this book possible is in the energy field. It’s as prejudiced as prejudice can be,” Director Robert Wallace said.

School board nixes industry-funded book
By MIA LIGHT (Staff Writer)
Published: September 29, 2013

©2013 by Dory Hippauf


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