dreadful drilling downers coverIf anyone thinks Fracktivists are not creative and do not have a sense of humor – the Dreadful Drilling Downers book will quickly dispel that belief.

This is where Gas Drillers meet Mother Goose in a collection of short tales sure to having you nodding in agreement and perhaps wryly chuckling at its honesty.

The tales include “Deal of a Lifetime”, “You Can’t Prove it”, “Label me Fracked” and “the Ballad of Crystal Stroud”.dreadful drilling cow color

Each tale is beautiful illustrated and perhaps hints at our memories of being read bedtime stories on a cold winter’s night.  But these tales carry a cautionary message drawn from stories of real people living the drill.

Dreadful Drilling Downers takes a complex and dangerous subject and adds just enough butter and syrup to reach a few more adults.

The Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air (PACWA) sponsored the publication.  The Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air is a group of concerned citizens in Western Pennsylvania with the common goal of protecting our natural resources and the environment- primarily from the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) in the Marcellus Shale Play.

Copies of Dreadful Driller Downers are available to individuals and groups alike.

For more information or to order your own copies send an email to:, include Dreadful Driller Downers in the subject line.

© 2013 by Dory Hippauf


Dory Hippauf became involved with the "fracking" issue when a landman came knocking on her door, instead of signing a lease she joined the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition and was soon the chair of the research committee. Although the research involved all aspects of Natural Gas activities, she has focused her personal time on "Connecting the Dots" of Corporations and Politicians. Dory was one of 3 winners of the 1st Annual FracTracker and Halt the Harm Environmental Stewardship award in Septmber 2015.

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