Penneast-spamcanThe PennEast Pipeline is in the pre-file stage of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission rubber-stamping process. (Docket#15-1)

Since its announcement in late 2014, the PennEast Pipeline has been met with unprecedented opposition.
Townships and county governments have passed and filed resolutions against it, and opposition to the PennEast Pipeline ruled the FERC scoping hearings held earlier in 2015.

Between September 2014 and now, over 1,500 comments have been submitted to FERC. The vast majority are thoughtful and original writings of residents along the pipeline route, who express, in their own words, why they oppose PennEast.

What’s a Pipeline Corporation to do?

It is obvious PennEast is under fire with the growing numbers of people and communities who are against this project. How does PennEast fight back? One way would be to encourage their supporters to also file comments, but that would mean supporters would have to take time, compose a comment, and then register with FERC to submit it, or pay postage to send it in via the US Post Office. Perhaps PennEast did try this, but judging from comments submitted to FERC, the supporters appear to be reluctant to make that effort.

Next best thing, is to SPAM the FERC with Preprinted Postage Paid PennEast PostCards. Supporters would only need to fill in their name, address, phone number and check the one and only box available. There is a space for comments, however it has usually been left blank.


As I subscribe to the PennEast FERC Docket# PF15-1, I receive regular emails alerting me that a comment has been filed. This morning I received over 75 FERC alerts containing identical Preprinted Postage Paid PennEast PostCards. I expect there will be more PennEast FERC Spam coming.

As a side note, are the workers at the print shop which made these Preprinted Postage Paid PennEast PostCards being counted among PennEast’s claims of creating 12,000 jobs?  And what about postal workers who pick-up, sort and deliver the postcards, do they count too?

© 2015 by Dory Hippauf


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  1. […] Everyday citizens have not stopped with MOI filings, over 700 comments of original and well researched nature have been filed for the now PennEast Docket# CP15-558 stating reasons for opposing the project.   Support for the PennEast project continues to be in the form a pre-printed mass produced postcards. […]

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