Plug Into The Sun


The Shale Justice Coalition (SJC) is a small grassroots organization located in Pennsylvania. It was created in 2013 as a need to coordinate, share information and assist community based grassroots organizations with issues concerning the Natural Gas industry’s drilling, fracking and pipeline construction in the shale regions and to promote the use of true green and renewable energy sources.

SJC has assisted numerous grassroots groups by participating in their local events and providing funding assistance for these events and projects.

Now, SJC needs your help.

SJC is seeking your help to promote true green and renewable energy sources by making people aware that solar energy is not just for roof tops.

SJC has launched a fund drive to Plug Into The Sun. The proposal is simple; SJC is reaching out to communities and schools to form a partnership to install solar charging stations.   These solar stations would be free to the public to use for charging cell phones, laptops, tablets and more.inhofe-snowball

olar Energy has been pooh-poohed from fossil fuel corporations, to climate deniers and even by our own legislators.

Solar and other renewable energy sources are efficient, comparable to conventional energy sources and are becoming more affordable.

Pennsylvania alone is subsidizing fossil fuels at a taxpayer cost of almost $2.9 billion per year.  It costs everyone of more if you include the damages to our environment, cleanup costs and the toll it is taking on our health.

If the conventional fossil fuel energy interests did not have government subsidies, renewable sources would be cheaper for the consumer. The fossil fuel industry claims that natural gas is building a bridge to renewable energy, yet legislation, budget cuts and more gifts to the industry say we are really building a gangplank.

Here are a few Facts about Solar Energy:

  • More than 31,000 solar jobs were added in the U.S. between November 2013 and November 2014. According to the report, 85 percent of those jobs were new, rather than jobs that already existed but which added additional solar responsibilities. There are now a total of 173,807 people in the U.S. with jobs related to solar power, a number that’s increased by 87 percent over the last five years. The fossil fuels industry from BP to ExxonMobil and smaller companies are cutting jobs. So when it comes to employing Americans, solar is winning.
  • Solar makes up less than 1 percent of the electricity market today but could be the world’s biggest single source by 2050, according to the International Energy Agency.
  • Oil rich OPEC nations such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are investing billions into solar energy for their citizens. European and Asian countries are also looking to solar as a clean and efficient energy source.

We often talk about how America needs more renewable energy, not only to get off the fossil fuel habit, but also for our climate, our environment, our air, our water and our families.

We talk a lot about it and talk some more.

Now is the time to walk the walk.



Plug Into The Sun
You can help us all walk the walk to solar by making a small donation to SJC’s Plug Into The Sun Campaign.

  • These tables are maintenance free and are made from recycled plastic and won’t rust, peel or flake. Since they are made out of recycled plastic they will help to keep plastic out of landfills where it doesn’t breakdown.

    ·      They can withstand temperature extremes and can be outside all year long.

    ·      The solar tables will generate and store power from the sun so they can be used day or night.

    ·      The best part – They are MADE IN AMERICA which means more jobs for Americans!

How many Solar Charging Stations we can install depends on your willingness to help!

The time for talk is over.  With a small donation we can help Pennsylvania and all of America  truly become  Energy Independent!

Go to
today and help us all Plug Into The Sun.


© 2015 by Dory Hippauf



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