STFA-2015This year STOP THE FRACK ATTACK conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on October 3 thru October 5, 2015.

Join movement leaders, community activists and people affected by fracking across the country.

STOP THE FRACK ATTACK will be gathering in Denver, CO to share stories, become better spokespeople, learn about clean energy alternatives, celebrate victories, and strengthen this national movement. STOP THE FRACK ATTACK will also be taking to the streets of Denver to protest the harm that fracking causes to our health, our climate, and our communities.

Keynote Speakers will include Chris Hedges, a well-known journalist, activist, and author, Kandi Mossett, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, and Kim Schultz from the Endocrine Disruption Exchange.

There will also be ten strategy sessions on various topics including Community Rights Bans, Building State-Wide Coalitions, and the EPA Methane Rules so we as a movement can come together and figure out what steps need to be taken.

There’s more at stake than just fracking. The industrialization of our communities involves more than a fossil fuel well. Fresh water extraction, sand mining, pipelines, compressor stations, glycol dehydration, solid and liquid waste disposal, injection wells, “cracker” plants, exportation, are just a few of what communities are experiencing. All of which will have detrimental impact on health, the land, the air and water.

Many fracktivists may not be able to attend without your help.

In cooperation with Earthworks, Stop the Frack Attack has established a National Summit Scholarship Fund to help local fractivists attend.   Fracktivists like Jenny Lsk, an organic farmer from Pennsylvania fighting a fracking well near her family farm and Robert Nehman, a farmer fighting against frac sand mining companies invading his small town in Iowa.

Stop the Frack Attack calls on all those who care about clean water, our climate, and the health of communities to please chip in and donate to our National Summit Scholarship fund. We don’t want to leave anyone out in the energy sacrifice zone alone – donate today to make sure no one is left behind by helping them attend our national summit to join with others.

Jenny and Robert are just two of the 40 activists you will be helping. There are 38 more, just like Jenny and Robert who are leading the way in your community.



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