Pipeline Surprise


The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is a project by Williams Co.   Earlier this year, Williams filed a formal application for the pipeline with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and assigned Docket #CP15-138-000.

The Atlantic Sunrise is a $3 billion expansion of the Williams Transco system. It’s designed to move Marcellus Shale gas from Susquehanna County in northeastern Pennsylvania as far south as Alabama. If approved by federal regulators, it would cut through portions of 10 central Pennsylvania counties (Columbia, Lancaster, Lebanon, Luzerne, Northumberland, Schuylkill, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Clinton and Lycoming). It would carry the gas to markets along the eastern seaboard, including the Cove Point liquefied natural gas export terminal on the Chesapeake Bay.

More people are realizing the shale boom is more than just fracking and its coming to their backyards.

The pipelines may have different names and be built by different companies, but the issues are the same from living in a blast zone to fears of losing their property to eminent domain.

This video shows the struggle of two women of very different means, dealing with a pipeline company who wants to use eminent domain to build a gas compressor station 500 feet from the farmer’s family home, and a pipeline that will go through both the home and the business of a horse veterinarian, shutting her business down for a year and a half.

Williams, like many other corporations who are building pipelines, claim the pipelines will carry American natural gas to Americans.

Per Williams Co. 2014 1st Quarter Financial Report, CEO Alan Armstrong stated: (emphasis added)

“We’re excited about the accelerating pace of expansion projects at Transco, including Atlantic Sunrise, Dalton Expansion and our newly announced Gulf Trace project. The Atlantic Sunrise and Gulf Trace projects will serve as important infrastructure for future LNG export facilities at Cove Point and Sabine Pass.”

This statement was made approximately 6 month prior to FERC’s approval of the Cove Point Export facility.

There are over 40 pending pipeline projects which have formally filed with FERC across the country, with many more in the pre-file process or are planning to pre-file. As of August 2015 there are 9 Proposed Export Facilities, 13 in Pre-File, another 6 have been approved by FERC and are in the construction process.

Pennsylvania and other states across the country are facing a massive build out of pipelines. Pennsylvania Department of Environmental (DEP) Secretary Quigley said he expects the industry to add 20-25,000 miles of gathering lines, smaller pipelines that connect gas wells to processing plants or main transmission lines. He said an additional 4,000 to 5,000 miles of interstate pipelines will be built over the next 20 years.


© 2015 by Dory Hippauf



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