Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship Announced

Community-SentinalFracTracker Alliance in partnership with the Halt the Harm Network announce the winners of the Community Sentinel Awards for Environmental Stewardship.

FracTracker values the contributions of thousands of volunteers across the United States working in their communities and cherished places to observe, measure, document and report impacts caused by activities of the oil and gas industry. The extraction and transport of hydrocarbons poses myriad risks to air, water, wildlife, and people. The scale of energy development overwhelms the capacity of regulatory agencies. Volunteers fill the gap and do extraordinary things. Everyday insights from citizens lead to the discovery of problems unnoticed or ignored, to enforcement and remediation, and to new perspectives and initiatives for environmental protection. Whether mapping or monitoring, capturing photos or video, a sentinel is someone watching tirelessly, caring boldly – an indispensable ally in informing science, understanding, and action.

The awards committee comprised of representatives from FracTracker Alliance, environmental organizations, and academic institutions.  Three awards are given annually, irrespective of the nominee or recipient’s geographic location.

The 2015 Community Sentinel Award winners are:

Every judge commented on what a great bunch of nominees there were and what a very tough ranking process it was. Some folks were nominated multiple times. Every one of you deserves much accolade for your noble efforts!

Nominees included:

Winners, nominees and all those who are volunteering their time and abilities to raise awareness, educate the public and strive to make a difference deserve a round of applause.

The progress that has been made to turn the tide of public opinion about the impacts caused by activities of the oil and gas industry is truly remarkable. From drilling, fracking, pipelines, industry infrastructure, exporting and waste disposal, the “fracktivist” community is making a difference.

Fracking Awareness Film Night

Community Sentinel Awards for Environmental Stewardship will be presented at the Fracking Awareness Film Night.

The event will include the showing of two films at the historical Glen Allen Mill along Yellow Breeches Creek near Mechanicsburg, PA.

Meet the filmmakers of Triple Divide and Groundswell Rising, enjoy an Italian dinner from Nino’s Bistro of Camp Hill, participate in an award program, and learn about the impacts of oil and gas drilling – also known as fracking.


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