The Bee on PennEast’s Nose

bee on noseThe over 1,500 Motions to Intervene for the PennEast Pipeline project is becoming a bee on their nose.

PennEast was fairly dismissive about the number of Motions to Intervene (MOI) which were filed from September 25 to October 30, 2015.

PennEast spokeswoman Patricia Kornick said some of the 1,443 interventions are duplicates, and noted that not all of them are against the project. At least a dozen of them are from power utility companies in favor of PennEast.

Over the past 3 weeks, Frackorporation downloaded and tallied the MOI filed.

The Numbers

The actual total of MOI filed was 1,566.   There were 123 multiple/duplicate filings submitted by 55 unique filers.

Multiple/duplicate filings most often happened when a MOI was filed after 5pm on a given day or over the weekend and the docket is not immediately updated to reflect the filing. This has most likely led some filers to believe their MOI was not processed resulting in multiple attempts to file.

The FERC website is not easy to navigate and requires several steps to file a MOI leading to even more confusion.

Three of MOI filed were not assigned a FERC submittal number, and an additional 25 contained no identifying information.

Subtracting the multiple/duplicate, those with no FERC submittal number and those with no identifying information leaves a total of 1,473 unique filers.

CLICK  FOR THE DATA (XLS file) —> CP15-558 PE Interventions Data

Chart 01-Raw DataSupport VS Opposition
Besides the opposition, about a dozen or so utilities and other companies have sought to intervene in the case, according to Patricia Kornick, a spokeswoman for PennEast Pipeline Company LLC.

How many MOI’s were filed in support or opposition, and by whom? We broke out the filings by type:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Municipalities
  • Native American
  • Organization
  • Out of Time

Chart01-by type spread






Ten businesses filed in support of the PennEast project, not a dozen or so as Kornick stated.   A dozen is 12; at least that is what is being taught in schools.

The 10 businesses filed MOI during the last 3 days in support of PennEast pipeline.

PennEast Partners through their subsidiaries:

  • UGI Distribution Companies – subsidiary of Partner UGI Corporation. UGI Energy Services is a PennEast Partner and a subsidiary of UGI Corporation
  • New Jersey Natural Gas Company principal subsidiary of New Jersey Resources. New Jersey Resources is a PennEast Partner
  • Pivotol Utility Holdings Inc d/b/a Elizabethtown Gas (ETG): ETG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGL Resources Inc., an Atlanta-based energy services holding company. AGL Resources is PennEast partner
  • South Jersey Gas is a subsidiary of PennEast Partner South Jersey Industries
  • PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC (“PSEG ER&T”) – subsidiary of PennEast partner Public Service Enterprise Group
  • Texas Eastern Transmission LP: Texas Eastern is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of PennEast Partner Spectra Energy Partners, LP.

PennEast Customers:

  • Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc – PennEast customer
  • FirstEnergy Service Company on behalf of its affiliates Jersey Central Light & Power Company, and Metropolitan Edison Company (collectively, FirstEnergy) – PennEast Customer
  • NRG Rema LLC – PennEast Customer

PennEast Supplier:

  • Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation – PennEast Supplier

It is unfortunate the PennEast partners chose to file MOI through their subsidiaries as a way to express their support of their own project.

OMG!!! Groups are Filing MOI

Part of FERC’s function in approving or rejecting applications for pipelines include the consideration of environmental impact.

PennEast spokesperson Patricia Kornick response to groups filing MOI: “It’s unfortunate those groups chose to use a part of the formal process as a way to express displeasure against the project,’’

Ummmm…if pipelines impact the environment, and FERC is suppose to take the environmental impact into consideration, then doesn’t make sense that groups concerned with the environment would express their views using the formal process?

PennEast’s statement may lead some to believe the majority of MOIs filed were done by organizations.


Out of the 1,473 MOI filed, 42 were from organizations or groups with 38 opposing and 4 did not state a clear position. A number of these groups are true grassroots volunteers directly in the path of the pipeline, or to put it another way, they are Stakeholders.

Ignored by PennEast

chart04-municipalMissing from PennEast’s dismissal of MOI filings are the municipalities and related departments. There are a total of 39 with 34 opposing and 5 with no clear position.

Other than the mention of multiple/duplicate filings, PennEast did not acknowledge the 1,364 MOI filed by individuals, with 1,339 opposing and 25 who did not state a clear position.






Despite the “brave” front on displayed by PennEast to downplay the enormity of MOIs filed in opposition, PennEast does appear to be nervous as evident by the spamming FERC comments with pre-printed postcards and form letters.

These are similar to a previous spamming during the pre-file period.

Why the spam? Obviously it’s PennEast’s attempt to show support for the project.

Per FERC filing #20151124-5062 FERC PDF over 100 letters of support were filed by employees of PennEast partners. Many of these did not identify their association with PennEast.

2,410 comments have been filed as of November 24, 2015.

How big is that bee on PennEast’s nose?

Well…….cracks are beginning to show with PennEast’s predictions:

Today New Jersey Resources, part-owner in PennEast and also the largest shipper, changed their forecast from PennEast. Originally they predicted a 2016 certificate, 2017 final approval, and 2018 in-service date for PennEast.

Now their prediction is: 2016 “continued progress”, 2017 “continued progress”, 2018 “continued progress”.

Read: The Cracks are Beginning to Show by Mike Spille, Cost of the Pipeline for more.


© 2015 Dory Hippauf




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